About us

Digisolid company is your reliable outsourcing partner in Ireland. We provide nearshore software development solutions and help businesses achieve their goals with limited investments. At Digisolid we take great pride in our expertise that is proven through a variety of projects in different industries in our portfolio.

With extensive experience in the fields of Enterprise and Microsoft development we deliver consistent and cost-efficient solutions to our partners. Digisolid is the place where talented, goal oriented and experienced professionals work together to deliver cutting edge solutions.

We ensure that every part of the development process is solid and serves to improve the business processes and deliver value to our clients. At Digisolid we adapt the corporate values of our clients and aim to build long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.


We believe that access to the global market is vital for the IT field, and we create new opportunities both for enterprises looking for high quality services and contractors offering their services. Digisolid aims to provide the companies in Ireland and United Kingdom with the resources that are needed to complete large-scale complex IT projects at an affordable price by setting up R&D processes abroad.

At Digisolid we aim to deliver value to our clients and to create new opportunities for our partners. Digital transformation allows the companies to enjoy a number of benefits including more customer trust, reduction of risks and losses thanks to streamlined workflow. We help clients create a reliable fundament for growth of their businesses.


Broad range of highly skilled developers
Every solution is unique, and you need a team of highly trained developers to achieve it. Discovering and empowering talented professionals takes time and effort – and we are willing to do this part for you! We pick the most suited contractors for your project, put together a team and drive the project to success.
Cost effective
We understand the need for entrepreneurs to cut down on expenses and to stay within a certain budget while retaining high quality. Take advantage of nearshore development to outperform your rivals!
Clear communication
Development of a complex IT product requires input from a variety of specialist and involvement from the client which means that communication is crucial to the success of the project. We ensure transparency and consistency of development throughout the process by setting up a schedule for calls and reports.
Flexible methodology
We can adapt our processes to the task at hand to deliver outstanding results in a limited timeframe.
Responsible planning
Our goal is to create solutions that are easy to maintain and to develop for years to come. We use technologies and approaches that allow us to shape the product that can be easily updated to meet the requirements of the evolving market.
Enterprise grade software
We put an emphasis on maintainability and extensibility of the solutions we deliver to our clients to ensure that it meets the demands of a growing business.

Nearshore services

Software Development
We understand the needs of a modern-day business and aim to address these needs with custom tailored solutions in a variety of industries.
Cloud & Hybrid Solutions
Scalable and robust infrastructure is a basis for successful operation of a high load application. We help you choose the providers, deploy the solutions and take care of maintenance.
SharePoint Development
Our specialists develop custom solutions that help you organize the document management workflow and make the business processes in your company more efficient.
CRM & XRM Development
Building proper relationship with customers is vital to consistent business growth. CRM and XRM software ensure that none of the leads get lost and all of your managers follow a uniform approach in handling your customers.
Business Intelligence
Gathering and processing large volumes of data is necessary to make informed decisions. Performing these tasks requires implementation of the latest data analysis techniques. Stay ahead of the competition with Digisolid!
Business Support
It is vital to ensure stable performance for corporate applications – downtime may result in loss of income and reputation damage. We make sure that your digital services work appropriately and deliver value to the visitors on a consistent basis.
GDPR Readiness & Compliance
Our experts ensure that data in your application is stored, processed and used according to the regulations.
UX & Web Design
We aim to create interfaces that are easy to use for the target audience and that allow the user to obtain meaningful result with minimal effort.

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